How CRM can help HR to improve Employees
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How CRM can help HR to improve Employee Experience

HR team looks for HR tool to increase Employee satisfaction, motivation, and overall productivity. But, can CRM help HR to improve Employee Experience, sounds strange, but it’s true. A good HR team will take care of interviews, appointment process, induction, training, payroll processing, automating and simplifying the process as much as possible, leveraging technology for it. However what about the regular…

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Sales Management and Bhagwat Gita

Most of the Sales Managers try to manage their Sales team in a very strange way. Hire them, give them targets and follow up with them for reaching goals. I think we need to revisit this notion of Sales Managment. Let’s first analyse what does Sales Management mean. Everyone is clear about Sales.What does Management mean? Management means something that…

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real estate crm software
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How to choose Real Estate CRM Software

Does Real Estate Business need a proper CRM System? Real Estate CRM software is required because of the complexity of Sales Cycle, leads flowing in from many sources and involvement of more than one person in sales, mainly because of the high cost of Lost Opportunity. The cost of losing a Potential Customer, because of improper follow-up or incomplete sales…

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