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CRM as a Sales Follow up Software [with Video]

Fortune is in Followup. You need a great sales follow up software to handles this very efficiently.  One of most hated task for Sales Managers and Sales Executives is Managing Sales Followup with Sales CRM. Enjay CRM has a unique user-friendly feature which makes sure that you never miss any Sales followup.

Sales Follow up Software – Video

78% of Sales Enquiries and opportunities are lost due to bad or missing follow-ups.

There are two parameters to lead towards a successful sale. (a) Followup should be done timely, without fail and  (b) Every followup should take the Sales Process a step ahead. Whether the follow-up is taking Sales Process a step forward or not, can be determined from Sales Stages and Qualification parameters defined in CRM (slightly tricky, but easily doable).

Just tracking and managing Sales Followup can drastically increase Success of  your Sales Team.

Where is Problem in Sales Followup using Sales CRM?

However, the problem is the way CRM developers design CRM software. Surprisingly,  CRM Software makes it very difficult to manage follow-up.  You have to create meetings, task and what not. Excessive data entry is the reason why Sales Executives and Sales Managers hate CRM. CRM is not helping them, and It is not making their life easier. In fact, it is making it difficult.

75% of Sales Executives HATE CRM. The Reason? CRM is not helping them. Its not a enabler but a tracking software.

Why do we see this problem? One of the reason is that these CRM applications are designed for Western markets withWesternn Management practices and not according to Indian Management Style. In India, we conduct official business also in a very informal way, especially in SMEs.

Fundamental problem is that almost All CRM available in Indian Market are either made in USA or made for USA. They are not designed for India

India needs a CRM system that as per Indian taste and mentality. The best practices and processes adopted in Western societies might not apply to Indian companies. Hence we redesigned entire Sales Management Process using Indian Principles.

Best Way to Manage Sales Followup using Sales CRM software (in Enjay CRM)

Enjay CRM has a unique way of handling this problem and converting it into an opportunity for CRM to become a force multiplier and enabler for Sales Executives. That is the reason Sales Team loves Enjay CRM.

Just 3 clicks on your Mobile to schedule your next call/meeting/task/visit for Sales Followup, thats Enjay CRM

For every Lead (Enquiry) or Opportunity (Deal), we have three fields:

  1. Option to select Next Followup date (A Date Picker).
  2. Add Next Followup Time (A Time Picker).
  3. Select Next Followup Type (Call, Email, SMS, Meeting, Task).

How does Enjay CRM help as a Sales Follow up Software?

  1. CRM Mobile App shows a dashboard of Enquiries and Deals filtered using Next Followup date, which enables you to figure out Missed Followups.
  2. Today view shows Enquiries and deals with followup due today.
  3. Notification Popup appears on Mobile App (and web App) at scheduled NFD and NFTime. (Real Time Reminder).
  4. Setting up next meeting is easy three clicks only and can be done from Mobile as well as the Web app.

Some Tips for Managing Sales follow up efficiently.

  1. Daily morning, spend 5 minutes with CRM Dashboard to design your day.
  2. Daily evening, spend 5 minutes to see what you have missed today.
  3. Every week spend learn 5 new things in CRM

Remember Fortune is in Followup and EnjayCRM makes sure that you don’t miss any followups.

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