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Benefits of CRM Training

CRM Training can make or break any CRM implementation. Especially in SME the biggest reason for CRM failure is lack of Training because most of SME businesses ignore the importance of CRM Training. Remember, CRM Training Cost is no additional cost, but it is an integral part of CRM implementation. It’s not an add-on, its core part.    

CRM Training is not an additional cost of CRM cost. It is an integral part of core CRM implementation plan

Why is proper CRM Training required?

With the advent of Mobile CRM Apps, this question is becoming more prominent. People think we have been using all kinds of mobile apps like WhatsApp and FaceBook; We can efficiently use the CRM also. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

You don’t expect to achieve any targets or goals with Facebook and WhatsApp, while with CRM you want to Achieve Results

Also, The UX and UI of modern CRM packages are improving significantly. However, there is a difference between generic Apps like WhatsApp. The most significant difference between FaceBook, WhatsApp and your CRM is that CRM is supposed to drive specific business process whereas WhatsApp and Facebook are just Social Apps, with no tight processes.

CRM is driving your Sales Process. WhatsApp and Facebook are more of time pass and socialising Apps.

Before doing CRM Training

  1. It’s not the technology it’s a technology-driven process.
    CRM is not an end in itself. CRM is just a tool which can act as a force multiplier for your Sales and Service Team.
  2. Focus more on what’s in for me
    Are you designing Systems and processes to help each and everyone who is going to use CRM and benefit from CRM? Most of the times, CRM is designed from bosses’ perspective and not to benefit the person who is going to use it. 
    While imparting the Training also more importance should be given to highlight how will CRM benefit everyone. How it will reduce the workload and bring in efficiency at macro and micro level.
  3. Current processes and change management
    Always keep in mind that lots of things are going to change once you implement CRM. The duty of top management is going to reduce the impact of change as much as possible. One idea is to achieve change in as small instalments as possible.
  4. Training is never one time Project
    Any training should be regular. Otherwise, the impact of training will vanish within few days.

Coordination and empowerment are the words more related to CRM, Unfortunately most of the times CRM is related to Control and reporting. This is problem.

Benefits of CRM training

  1. Better user adoption.
    Most of the time, users don’t use CRM because they don’t know it properly. They don’t know that CRM can increase their productivity. The entire purpose of CRM implementation can get defeated if your users don’t use the CRM to its optimum utility. Proper CRM Training enables users to use CRM optimally.
  2. Better ROI
    Apparently, when your users use CRM properly, you get better reporting which will lead to better ROI for CRM implementation. CRM Training is not only going to be for the Executives but also for the managers and Bosses, which leads to better analytical reporting.
  3. Increased efficiency.
    The whole purpose of implementing CRM is to increase the efficiency of the organisation regarding Sales, Customer Experience, Service reducing cost and also optimising resources. Not only on the individual level but teams level and organisation level the efficiency will increase.
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Many times people are scared, if they train employees they will leave. Actually, you should be scared what is you don’t train them and they stay.

Avoid these mistakes while doing CRM Training

  1. Train the Trainer concept never works in smaller organisations.
    Each and every person in your organisation must get training according to his/her role.
  2. On-Job learning does not work.
    Agreed that, on-Job learning is the best form of training, but it does not work for CRM. In this fast-paced business world, you don’t have long periods of implementing CRM.
  3. Train for reporting and analysis as well. 
    Most of the time, Clients insist on providing training for data entry only. They don’t consider that if the proper analysis is not done then, CRM will not enable decision makings. A CRM which does not facilitate decision making at various levels is useless.
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