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Qualifications, Roles and responsibilities of CRM Admin

The success of any CRM implementation largely depends on the CRM Admin. CRM admin is the person who drives the implementation of CRM in the organisation. One of the essential CRM Tip is regarding designating a right CRM admin.

In more massive organization generally, there is a significantly large team of functional and technical experts who drive the CRM implementation. However in the smaller organizations, usually there is one person who drives the CRM implementation, that too as a part-time assignment. Selection of a right person as CRM admin is as important as selecting the right tool for CRM implementation.

Please note that this is follow-up article for the previous article listed here: Five things boss should do for successful CRM implementation

CRM system administrator has responsibility to implement the CRM, he/she should obviously have the authority to take necessary steps.

Why do we need CRM Admin

CRM is not just a software, it is a cultural change. It has a potential to change the way an organization is working. Implementing CRM may pose lots of functional and technical changes and challenges. You can’t just send an Email to everyone and expect the CRM to be implemented. Someone in the organization will have to drive the CRM Implementation to make it successful.

CRM Admin has to do (or arrange for) Planning, Setting Processes, Training, Monitoring and Coaching.

Roles of CRM Admin

In one line, the role of the CRM admin is to make CRM implementation Successful. Now this goal will require CRM Admin to play lots of other characters.


Take Organisational Goals, Current Systems, Change management, team capability and appetite for Technology into account while Planning.

Setting Processes

CRM solution by itself might be useless unless proper process and methodologies are applied. Sales or Support process is tightly mapped with CRM software. CRM software should enable and empower the process and not be a hurdle to the same.


CRM Admin might provide training or arrange Training. But it is essential to decide the current level of understanding of Team and then make proper training arrangements accordingly. Training the Trainer doesn’t work in this scenario. CRM Admin should arrange for training of Everybody according to his/her role.


CRM is not a one time project, its a continuous process of improvement and change.  CRM administrator should handle and closely monitor entire CRM implementation and usage of CRM, and take proper actions.


There is a difference between training and coaching. Let’sets say coaching is something that you provide after observing the reports and process and shortcomings. It’s more like a feedback training.

CRM Admin should be a person with a analytical approach who has authority as well as vision for the organisation

Qualifications of CRM Admin


Ideally, CRM Admin should come from a leadership team. This is required because all other team members should listen to CRM Admin if CRM implementation is to be successful. A person from Leadership team will have that leadership and motivation skills to motivate each and every person in the organization to move in the direction of successful CRM implementation. All team members may not listen to a NON-LEADER kind of CRM Admin, rendering him/her to be an ineffective puppet.

Deep Functional Knowledge:

CRM is all about bringing in the transformation in the organisation, How can we expect CRM admin to deliver this without in-depth functional knowledge of how the organisation functions. A Senior person with in-depth practical experience will be able to Plan, Decide and Finalize the process and at the same time bring in the essential efficiencies in the same.

Organisational Goal:

As Simon Sinek says “Start with Why?” You are not implementing CRM for the sake of CRM, just because your competitor implemented it, or just because its the kind of “IN” nowadays, or its fashionable to have CRM. Most probably no. You are implementing CRM because you need to derive certain benefits out of it. It is helping you to achieve some of your organizational goals.

Organisational Authority:

CRM admin should have organizational authority, without which there is absolutely waste of efforts. If people don’t cooperate or don’t do things as directed, CRM manager should have authority to take actions against them. Similarly, if some people show extraordinary cooperation for implementation, CRM admin should have authority to award them.

Biggest Mistake in appointing a CRM Admin

Hiring a new (inexperienced) person for CRM Manager:

Since everyone is busy with their regular work, many companies hire a new (generally inexpensive and inexperienced) person to take the role of CRM Admin. Now, this person does not qualify for any of above criteria. He/she does not know anything about your organization, Does not have authority, does not have leadership quality.

In case you have to hire an outside consultant or new person for the role of CRM Admin, then make sure that he/she has relevant experience and skills as stated in above list.

Designating a Junior person as CRM Manager

Selecting the most Junior person as CRM Admin is the most prominent blunder. That poor fellow does not have an idea of expectations from him/her. No one is listening, does now have any authority, does not have any functional knowledge – guaranteed failure.

Appointing an IT person as CRM Manager.

The most common mistake is to designate an IT administrator or manager as CRM Admin. The role and qualification of IT Admin are entirely different from what CRM requires.

Five things to check whether you have selected the right CRM Manager:

  1. Does he/she know the organisation in and out?
  2. Will all the team members (including the most senior person involved) listen to him/her?
  3. Does CRM admin have the leadership quality to lead and motivate the change?
  4. Does he/she CLEARLY know the purpose and goal of implementing CRM?
  5. Will he/she have the right to take Actions against people who don’t cooperate? (Fire them, if required)
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