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Read this before selecting Mobile CRM

You should never buy a CRM if it does not have accompanying Mobile CRM App. Also, Mobile CRM should be functional; it should empower and enable your team. Should not be just a showpiece. Mobile CRM not only helps you when you are out of your office, but it can increase your efficiency drastically and help you automate many tasks which were otherwise not possible without Mobile Platform.

Technically, Mobile CRM Apps are of three types.

  1. Responsive UI
    Many software vendors create a responsive version of web UI and then you that they are providing you everything on mobile that comes with Web UI.
    Having a responsive Web App as Mobile CRM can be the most significant blunder, it’s almost useless.
  2. Cross-Platform App
    Cross Platform Mobile App requires single development effort and runs on all mobile Platforms. Which means there is only one app which can run on both the platforms. (Android and iOS). Having a cross-platform Mobile App is like having worst of all the worlds. It’s like having a web-browser based Mobile App. Lots of performance and capability gets compromised here.  
  3. Native Apps.
    Native Mobile CRM probably best kind of CRM App. It takes maximum advantage of the platform.

Having a responsive Web UI and then using it on Mobile is worst thing to happen to CRM. It will make it utterly useless. Mobile and Web are two very different beasts.

Why Mobile CRM and Web CRM need different UI.

  1. These two devices are very different and have use and capabilities. Not only the screen size is very different, but even functional capabilities are different. Your Mobile can make calls, send SMS and log your geolocation, and your PC cannot.
  2. Browser CRM can be more useful for data entry and more in-depth analysis. In-depth reporting and back-office work are more suitable for this platform.
    You don’t need detailed reporting on Mobile Device. You just can’t consume that much information.
  3. Mobile CRM is more used for real-time information on the move. It is useful for real-time reporting and auto-tracking functions.

In fact, if you select right platform for Mobile CRM, it can drastically reduce data entry.

Mobile UI and Web UI of CRM can never be same. Both the devices have drastically different capabilities. Its criminal if both are same.

Why Mobile CRM should have Native App and not Cross-Platform App:

Cross Platform apps are much similar to having an HTML-based app, apparently its very limited in its functionality.

  1. A cross-platform app can never take full advantage of the hardware platform (both in the case of Android as well as iOS). It is the reason that Cross Platform applications are never as fast as Native apps.
  2. Natively developed Mobile CRM Apps are more responsive as compared to cross-platform Apps. Also, the speed of user interaction is excellent.
  3. Android and iOS both have unique capabilities. Natively developed Mobile CRM can have optimised UI for each platform.
  4. Native App Developers can take advantage of latest software libraries, which helps increase productivity and the Mobile App becomes more engaging and user-friendly.
  5. Developers have another significant advantage of having excellent community support and eco-system when they develop on Native Platform.
  6.  Support for advanced security features can be much better in Natively developed Mobile CRM.

Native Mobile CRM is much lighter, faster, responsive and more fun to use.

You might wonder if Natively developed Mobile App has so many advantages then why software developers develop Cross Platform app. There few reasons for the same as follows:

  1. The Development process is very fast, which leads to lower development costs.
  2. Since only one App is to be developed no need to create multiple Apps.

Some examples of CRM which have a Cross-Platform UI are Sugar CRM, Sales Force, vTiger, Suite CRM. Whereas Enjay CRM, Zoho, are CRM solutions which have native Mobile CRM App.

Developers choose to develop Cross Platform Apps because of low cost and faster development.

Let me share few Performance and technology advantages of Enjay’s Mobile CRM App. It’s called Enjay Latitude, and it works smoothly with SuiteCRM, SugarCRM and Enjay CRM,

Benefits of Enjay Latitude Mobile CRM App:

  • Functional Benefits:
    • Extremely fast and responsive UI.
    • Auto logging of Calls, SMS, and Emails.
    • Two click logging of Activities, Meetings, Activities. The Check-in / Check-out features logs time and geolocation for meetings and activities. So no need for data entry for the same.
    • Ability to attach photos to your Activities (or visits or Meetings or Support cases), with a single click.
    • Import and export from CRM to your local Contact Book. E.g., you receive one lead on WhatsApp, you can save it to the local Mobile address book and then import it directly to CRM as a lead.
    • Nearby view helps you to search your contacts/leads/accounts. Helps you to find your customers near your location.

Enjay Latitude is probably smallest in size with only 4.5 MB installation, hence the fastest.

  • Technology and Platform Benefits.
    • The Minimal size of Enjay Latitude (4.5 MB) is the result of some serious engineering efforts. Such a lightweight app is the reason for lightning-fast performance even on very low-cost Android Phones.
    • There is an optimised Cloud API which is performing lots of action in the background; this gives the blazing performance to the Mobile CRM App. Cloud API helps Enjay Latitude maintain the performance even if the number of records increases drastically.
    • Admin Panel of Cloud CRM provides options for Security and Access Control, so no need to worry about the security of the device. Just disable it from the Cloud admin interface, and the App on mobile becomes inaccessible.
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