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How can developers improve lead generation?

How Can developers improve lead generation?

Nearly 80% of home buyers search on the internet for their homes. Lead generation is a very complex and the initial stage of any business process. Lead generation is not the only task in hand for any business. CRM is a must, because most importantly for developers lead generation is a complicated process. CRM is required due to the complexity of Sales Cycle, leads flowing in from many sources and involvement of more than one person in sales. This article describes how can developers improve lead generation using CRM.

Here is How CRM helps in Lead Generation


  1. Website:
    We can have a landing page on the website which has a contact us or Enquiry form pop-up where the customer can fill the details. The form should be quick and easy to fill.
  2. Portals:
    Dozens of sites are now curating data, availability and pricing for the entire sector to search. While we have various portals like 99 acres, Magic Bricks, India Property, Makaan, Common Floor, etc. on which we can display ads.
  3. Social Media:
    One can publish a post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn with a different contact number on the ads. Here if any customer enquires then your requirement is passed on the relevant executive through CRM. It also mentions the source name which gives the executive entire details about the client. The reason behind displaying different number will help in analysing the success of the social media campaign.


  1. Hoardings:
    Loads of people travel via road on a regular basis either on their vehicle or by any means of transportation. Hoarding with different contact numbers is displayed on the various site. If any customer calls, each enquiry gets registered basis the location of the enquiry which helps in analysing the success of the Outdoor Media. Each hoarding costs lacs of rupees, so CRM helps you by giving the analysis on which hoarding has generated how many lead.
  2. Newspaper Ads:
    Newspaper Ads can comprise of different content, like brand awareness or project. These ads can also include the promotion of the website, Brand itself, a particular project with attractive offers along with the contact us details. CRM captures these lead with the source details so as to do the cost analysis versus marketing expenditure. This analysis not only helps you plan your next program of ad release but also shows the success of the Ad.
  3. Dealer Relationship Building:
    Organise a get-together with the dealer to discuss project details and their benefit of getting associated. Here there could be two different kinds of Dealers one who gives you 50 leads, but closure happens only for 1. Second who gives you 20 leads but closing happens for 8. In conclusion, we need to focus on the leads provided by the 1st dealer whose closure power is not okay. So we can’t ignore any either of them.

People Interaction

  1. Organise Events in the society:
    We can arrange a grand event calling out a celebrity to make the event grand. Here your customer comes and enjoys the party and get to know about the upcoming project. If you have 400 flat and two people from each flat attended the event each will discuss it with three different people on an average. So the reach of your event will be around 2400 people.
  2. Exhibitions:
    You can buy stalls at various exhibition with good design on the stall and have 5 to 6 executive. So, relevant information about the brand and the project given to the people coming for the enquiry. Enjay Synapse Mobile App helps to capture all the enquiries and save it as lead.
  3. On-site:
    You can have one person available on the site readily available if there is anyone visiting for any enquiry. The executive there and then updates the enquiry as lead with all the customer details and requirement.
  4. Bulk SMS/Mass Emailing:
    CRM has a unique feature of customising your messages using merge Tags and broadcasting. In just seconds your messages reach the marketplace. 

CRM with its unique feature enable you to do a major part of your daily work automatically. In the above-stated lead generation mechanism, CRM plays a vital role. CRM captures all the leads from different portals and assigns it to the relevant executive for further process. As a result, no leads lost which in turns helps in doing a lot of cost analysis basis your marketing expenses. It takes month and months for a single deal closure because the sales stage is a long process. But CRM does all the process without any requirement for follow-up.

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